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RPG Combat — Additional Victory Conditions

RPG Combat — Additional Victory Conditions

It seems just about every RPG combat feels the same and one-dimensional. It’s all about damage, damage, damage. That also means support and non-damage abilities and roles are underplayed and unappreciated. You can see this problem in MMOs where high damage classes can level faster and solo better than support classes.

My suggestion is to provide an additional victory condition besides reducing the enemy’s HP to 0. Let’s call this willpower (WP). You can win a battle by reducing all the enemies’ HP and/or WP to 0.

WP is mainly interacted with typically “support” and non-lethal actions. One method to reduce enemy’s WP is with debuffs (e.g. sleep, stun, charm) and to raise (heal) your WP with buffs. When a character’s WP is reduced to 0, it is removed from combat.

HP and WP can coexist to provide two different paths to victory and to balance the play styles. Whether you like to hack and slash, or you prefer to demoralize and paralyze your enemies.

What do you think about non-damage win condition? Can this work? How do hybrid classes fit in all this?

PLURPS: Programming Language Using Role-Playing Syntax

PLURPS Programming Language Using Role-Playing Syntax

Just an idea to write code as if we are playing a RPG. Very initial brainstorm.

Class – class
New instance – create
Delete instance – kill
If – attack
Then – hit
Else – miss
Function – skill
Parameters – targets
Return – result
Switch – menu
Case – option
Array – group
Add to array – join
Delete from array – leave
For – fight <stat> <value |number>
Next in loop – grind
Increment – up (<stat> up <optional number|default 1>)
Decrement – down (<stat> down <optional number|default 1>)
Break – flee
Continue – skip
Variable – stat
Integer – number
String – quote
Local – melee
Global – ranged
End block – done
True – yes
False – no
Output – say

The following examples may or may not be valid. Only to show what it could or should look like.

Example 1:
say "Hello World"

Example 2:

fight level 0
grind level < enemies.size
   attack goblin > 25
   attack player.hp <= 0
   level up